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  • Kayhan Kalhor: Master Of Persian Music

Kayhan Kalhor: Master Of Persian Music

27 May 2017

Kayhan Kalhor: Master Of Persian Music The haunting, melancholic sound of the kamancheh can be heard at its beautiful best when played by Kayhan Kalhor, one of the instruments leading exponents in world music. While more famously known for the compositions that have been nominated for a number of Grammy Awards as part of the [...] Read More
  • Constantinople Ensemble: Musical Inventors

Constantinople Ensemble: Musical Inventors

13 April 2017

Constantinople: Musical Inventors The best way to categorise Constantinople Ensemble is as a three-piece. Originally founded 17 years ago by Iranian born setar player Kiya Tabassian, the group retains a fluidity that encompasses their philosophical approach to music. Playing alongside Kiya you find Pierre-Yves Martel, a student of the viola de gamba and Kiya's brother [...] Read More